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The magic of the runes in Your room with the golden cut Rune Cube (patented)
Order the rune cube online, starting from 220 €

Your personal rune cube, handcrafted. With 20,5 million possible rune sign combinations. Order it here...

As a master carpenter I created a lot of pieces out of wood, and as I am also generally tied to the Nordic culture, the wish arised to combine both and create a rune cubic in an appropriate form in the Golden Cut. The cube has a width of 300 mm and a height of 486 mm. You can use the cube whereever you want - in the living room, in the office or anywhere else in your house.

The religion of runes is an ancient one. Through historical turmoil, they vanished into oblivion, but the runes still inhere the wisdom of our ancestors. As a person with nordic heritage you may still comprehend such wisdom intuitively.

Your rune cube is unique

Every Rune Cube has five visible sides and yet, is still unique. You can choose out of 24 runes plus five additional rune signs for each of the five sides. Overall there are 20,511,149 possible combinations. There are explanations for your choice on The runes page to support you in the selection process. You may also just let yourself be guided by your own taste.

Wisdom and magic of the runes of the older Futhark

Contrary to the modern alphabet in which the letters are only used for word creation, every rune of the rune alphabet has its own meaning. The meaning is often described as "magic", and applies in a sense that every unique rune "speaks" about its meaning.

A piece for living.

You have to have it to feel it: The impression of the Runic Cube in Your house can be told by pictures only slightly. The Runic Cube brings a strong, stylish impression to Your rooms.

Guests in Your house are going to admire the Rune Cube for it's beauty and magic. Almost every spectator will ask You about the background of Your Rune Cube - where ist comes from, how it is made, what the meaning of the runic symbols is,and so on.

The Rune Cube is an awsome object for great conversations, the background being a real ancient culture of humanity. Please find further information about the history of the culture of the runes on our Newspage.