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1 Fehu
  1. strengthening of the psychic forces
  2. psychic for transmission or projection of power, emitting rune
  3. attraction of power from sun, moon and stars into the personal sphere
  4. personal and social development
  5. increase of financial wealth

2 Uruz
  1. creative creating und shaping of outer circumstances through will power and inspiration
  2. healing, preservation of the mental and physical health
  3. attraction of lucky outer circumstances
  4. induction of magnetic earth currents
  5. consciousness raising of the causality
  6. realisation and understanding of the self

3 Thurisaz
  1. defence (active)
  2. destruction of enemies, curse
  3. realisation of the will into action
  4. preparation for the development in all areas
  5. love magic
  6. knowledge of the seperateness and unity of all things

4 Ansuz
  1. increase of both the active and the passive magic forces, of the clairvoyant abilities
  2. persuasiveness and magnetism of lingustic expression, power of suggestion and hypnosis
  3. gain of creative wisdom, inspiration, ecstasy and communication with the divine
  4. banishment of death and fear through the knowledge of Ódhinn

5 Raidho
  1. promotes ritual abilities and experiences
  2. access to inner guidance
  3. strengthens the consciousness for true and natural processes
  4. fusion with the personal rhythm and with the world rhythm
  5. experience of justice

6 Kenaz
  1. promotion of abilities in all areas
  2. creative inspiration
  3. higher polarisation as psychic
  4. processes of regeneration, healing
  5. love (especially sexual love)

7 Gebo
  1. sexual magic
  2. inauguration through sexual magic
  3. mystic union
  4. increase of magic powers
  5. harmony between siblings and lovers
  6. magic influence in the realms of gods and men
  7. obtainment of wisdom

8 Wunjo
  1. strengthens connection and solidarity
  2. evoking of comradery and harmony
  3. prevents alienation
  4. luck and wellbeing
  5. consciousness raising of the complexity of relations between all things
  6. connection of the runes for bindrunes

9 Hagalaz
  1. perfection and balance of forces
  2. mystic and divine experience, knowledge
  3. development and evolution
  4. protection

10 Naudhiz
  1. overcoming of sorrow and negative Örlög
  2. development of magic will power
  3. development of spiritual forces
  4. deliberate directed effort of resistance to achieve magic goals
  5. sudden inspiration
  6. disposal of hate and disputes
  7. need and desire for order
  8. realisation of personal necessities
  9. protection
  10. love magic, conquest of a loved one
  11. prophecy

11 Isa
  1. development of concentration strength and will power
  2. control and banishment of unwanted dynamic forces
  3. integration of ego within a balanced multiversal system
  4. containment and control of other entities

12 Jera
  1. fertility, creativity
  2. peace, harmony
  3. enlightenment
  4. understanding of the cyclic nature of the multiverse
  5. understanding of the secrets of the omnipresent circulation
  6. manifestation of other concepts in visible world

13 Eihwaz
  1. inauguration in the wisdom of the world tree
  2. understanding of the mystery of life and death, release from the fear of death
  3. promotion of mental stamina and strong will power
  4. spiritual creativity and vision
  5. protection against destructive forces
  6. strengthening of personal forces
  7. communication between the different realms of reality, the worlds of Yggdrasil
  8. remembrance/memory of earlier forms of existance in the current of ancestors

14 Perthro
  1. realisation of Örlög
  2. prophecy
  3. introduction of ruic forces in the current nornic laws
  4. realisation of imagination or events as magic act

15 Elhaz
  1. protection, defence
  2. mystic and religious communication with non-human, susceptible beings
  3. communication with other worlds, especially with Ásgardhr and the cosmic sources of Urdhr, Mimir and Hvergelmir
  4. strengthening of harmingja (magic force and luck) and the life force

16 Sowilo
  1. strengthening of the psychic centres, hvel
  2. strengthening of the spiritual will
  3. guidance along the path, enlightenment
  4. victory and success through the will of an individual

17 Tiwaz
  1. reaching of the fair triumph and success
  2. development of spiritual will power
  3. developes the power of positive self-sacrifice
  4. developes the strength of faith in magic and religion

18 Berkano
  1. rebirth in the spirit
  2. strengthens the power of the secrecy
  3. rituals of protection and of concealment
  4. holding and preservation of other forces
  5. consciousness raising of the unity of the moment as mother of all things
  6. realisation of ideas by the productive process

19 Ehwo
  1. assistance with soul migrations through the worlds and projections of the soul in Midhgardh
  2. consciousness raising of the fundamental unity of the psychosomatic complex
  3. provides trust and loyalty
  4. sources of prophetic wisdom
  5. projection of magic power
  6. promotes generally the velocity

20 Mannaz
  1. consciousness raising of the divine structure of mankind
  2. promotion of intelligence, of remembrance and genereally of mental forces
  3. equation of the poles of personality
  4. openening of the mind's eye, of the hugauga

21 Laguz
  1. guidance for difficult inauguration tests
  2. increased vitality and live force
  3. concentration of unformed magic power for structuring and forming by the human will
  4. strengthening of magnetism
  5. development of clairvoyant abilities

22 Ingwaz
  1. storage and transformation of power for ritual purposes
  2. fertilitiy rituals
  3. passive meditation and concentration of energy and thoughts
  4. sudden release of energy

23 Dagaz
  1. achievement of the mystic moment by understanding of the mystery of the ódhinic paradox
  2. recieving of mystic inspiration, as present of Ódhinn

24 Othala
  1. preservation of order within the community
  2. consciousness of common interests in home and family
  3. transition from ego orientation to tribal orientation
  4. adoption of divine power and knowledge of past generations
  5. acquisation of wealth and prosperity

25 Hammer
Mjöllnir, the hammer of Thórr, protection, proliferation, original power and will

26 Sun Wheel
spiritual power, law, order, controlled religious power, holiness

27 Hagall
Hagall/world tree – cosmic pattern of Yggdrasil, snowflake, protection and magical effect by the world laws

28 Heavenly Star
heavenly star or cross – the eight corners of the sky, the eight legs of Sleipnir, the world tree and a pictorial depiction of the sky in a single, nine-part symbol (in the centre: Midhgardhr, the human world)

29 Trefot
dynamic power from the three realms of being and three-part, evolutionary force. Consists of three L runes (21+21+21=63 or 7+9), magical inspiration in the whole cosmos
The descriptions of the runic symbols are taken from Edred Thorsson's book 'Handbook of Rune Magic'. We commend that You dig into information about runes in general.