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Wooden Runic Cube handcrafted
Art Nr. R2
WoodGerman oak
Measures in MMH 486 x B 300 x T 300
Weightab. 15 kg
Deliveryab. 4-6 weeks
€ 595.00
excl VAT
plus shipment


  • Runic symbols milled by hand, finished with crowbar by hand
  • Surface sealed with wood oil by hand
  • Symbols colored with ochre wachs
  • Delivery incudes certificate about heritage of the used wood
Crafted by hand
We craft every Rune Cube by hand and in the golden cut. The cube is hollow, the thickness of the wood is about 44 millimeter. The edges are flattened by 10 millimeters. The runic symbols are first milled in and then cut in detail with the crowbar. Afterwards, we color the cut out symbols with ochre wachs. Finally, Your Rune Cube gets a double finish with wood oil. The Rune Cube surfaces conform with Norm DIN EN 71, Teil 3 (suitable as child toy).

The rune cube is made from German oak

Oak wood - that's something every carpenter will assure you of - is a very durable type of wood. Your Rune Cube is a masterpiece which, under dry conditions, is going to survive almost forever. You'll recieve a written confirmation from the sawmill telling you which area of Germany the oak tree that your rune cube is made of, has been standing in.

Produced manually

Your rune cube is manufactured to dimensions. The cube is hollow inside and its wall thickness is 44 mm. The edges are bevelled by about 10 mm. The runes are cut into the wood by hand, with the edges being chiseled out with a broach. The runes are stained with ochre-coloured wax and at the end are superficially treated with wood oil twice. The treated areas conform the norms DIN EN 71, Teil 3 (suitable for child's toy).