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Why the Bosnian Pyramids could be an important link to the Nordic culture

For those who have not heard about this topic yet, we will give you a short overview about what these pyramids are about: The Bosnian pyramids are possibly the first European pyramids discovered in the town of Visoko, around 30 km northwest of Sarajewo. They first were discovered by Dr. Semir 'Sam' Osmanagich in April 2005. Later, in October 2005, he announced his discoveries. So far, five pyramidal structures have been discovered, along two tunnel systems and one tumulus. The five pyramids have been named: the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Dragon, the Temple of the Earth and the Pyramid of the Love.

The Pyramid of the Sun, which has been named after the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuancán in Mexico, has a height of 220 m and is therefor 73 m higher than the Cheops pyramid in Egypt, meaning that it possibly is the largest pyramid in the world that up to now. It is confined by four equilateral triangles. That these structures are most likely man-made is also supported by satellite photographs and thermal imaging, as the hills cooled faster than their surroundings.

Investigating the Pyramid of the Sun from up close, Dr. Ali Abdullah al Barakat confirmed that the stone blocks building up the pyramid could not have been by nature itself, but had to be man-made. His theory is that the hill is shaped by men and then covered with stone structures. This in comparison to the theory of Dr. Osmanagich who supports the view that the hill is a pyramid similar to the Gizeh pyramid. Georadar measurements showed possible passageways within the Pyramid of the Sun which would lead in the way of Osmanagich's theory. Moreover, regular arrangements of stone block weighing tons have been found there - nature does not arrange them in such formations.

The three pyramids of the Sun, of the Moon and of the Dragon are nearly perfectly aligned to the cardinal directions of north, west, east and south. The divergence is only 12 second of arc.

On the pyramid of the Moon, which has a height of 190 m, similar structures can be found. This pyramid is three sided compared to the pyramid of the Sun and the Dragon which are four sided. The material used here are mainly sandstone blocks. These sandstone blocks which are used for different purposes on this pyramid, are all shaped in a way that they're aligned against each other.

An important fact that stands out as well, is the perfect alignment of the three pyramids of the Sun, of the Moon and of the Dragon. When you connect the hilltops from each pyramid, you get an equilateral (each side has the same length, inner angle exactly 60°) triangle.

Monolithic stone blocks that have been discovered all around the Pyramid of the Sun, have also been analysed by three domestic Bosnian scientific institutions (Institute for Civil Engineering in Tuzla, Institute for materials at the University of Zenica and Institute for Construction at the University of Sarajevo). The result showed that the material mainly consists of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. The compressive strength over 100 MPa of this material is higher than that of any concrete that is being produced nowadays. Also, the water permeability of these concrete is around 1%. Prof. Muhamed Pasic from University of Zenica said, they're made of “moderately baked clay, crushed with water possesses binding properties”.

Under the ground, tunnel systems have been found that connect the different pyramids with each other. The side tunnels are located at 90° angle to the main tunnel. It will take some time to clear every of the tunnels completely, as the side tunnels are blocked by drywalls and fill-in material brought in from the outside. According to the team of Dr. Osmanagich, the total length of the tunnel system is around 20 km. Interestingly, an organic material within the conglomerate walls of the tunnels has been found there, which was sent to the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel and Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. The results of the radio carbon dating gave an age of 31.000 and 34.000 years respectively. Within these tunnels, man-shaped monoliths formed out of sandstone were also discovered. On the “K-1” monolith, they found inscriptions that are similar to the Germanic runes. A hint towards a common offspring for the Nordic culture?

Overall it can be said that the arguments that speak in favor of the pyramid theory are in the majority, but those that are following the scientific dogma still tend to ignore these discoveries, as that would change their view of the world, not to mention the political interests quite often involved. Anything that might have come from Nordic cultures should not exist, since the current world view that's being beaten into people's heads ignores these discoveries.

The monolithic buildings that has been found at places like the Easter Island or Stonehenge support the theory that there was an intelligent civilization before, since such massive, heavy stone buildings cannot be moved if you don't have the tools to do it. It is likely that these monuments lead to the former culture of Atlantis.

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